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Private Investigations to Support the Law Sector
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These days most of us unknowingly leave digital footprints of our whereabouts and actions thanks to widespread CCTV coverage. But when you need a full breakdown of a specific person’s movements for a court case, you will almost certainly struggle to fill the gaps.

You might need far more detailed information, like where the person travels in a vehicle and what they discuss while in that vehicle. You might need audio or video evidence, or both, of visitors and conversations inside homes and offices. Whatever your investigation requirements, you, your legal practice or law firm would not have the in-house resources, specialist surveillance equipment or professional operatives needed to carry out the work in the right way, to the correct standard.

Armed with a comprehensive selection of electronic devices and specialised equipment for monitoring, tracking and surveillance our fully skilled and experienced detectives provide a broad range of corporate, commercial and personal investigation services.

Investigative service suppliers like Eagle View Investigations have a good knowledge of the legal system. We understand what kind of evidence is admissible in court, and what kind of arguments best hold up legally. Our expertise and knowledge in the private investigation sector has helped solicitors with researching records, obtaining data, locating witnesses and applying police procedures and techniques to gather persuasive evidence for the courts.


What we can do for you?

As experienced financial investigators we carry out rigorous forensic analysis of complex documents concerning asset and account disputes, fraud detection and financial tracking.  We help with a wide range of investigations including employee absenteeism, background and personnel checks, industrial injury, insurance fraud and internal espionage. We also handle process serving and asset recovery if you need it.

Our private investigation services include:

  • Due diligence
  • Background checks on people and organisations
  • Private Investigations
  • Infringements of intellectual property 
  • Fraud and theft investigation
  • Process of Service
  • Covert surveillance and overt observation
  • GPS vehicle tracking and hire
  • CCTV systems
  • Security consultants
Private investigators and security consultants working with legal services sector in UK
Private investigators working with the legal sector to support cases
Covert surveillance being undertaken supporting legal sector benefitting from private investigations services in the UK

Rely on us to do the legwork

As a team of specialist private investigators including surveillance, monitoring and tracking engineers, we have decades of experience. Eagle View Investigations support businesses of all kinds, helping them solve their problems and get answers to their questions. Once the investigations are complete, we review the evidence and give you a comprehensive report suitable for the police or courts.

Contact us to take the first step

If you would like to explore the potential or discuss a specific project, we will be pleased to help.