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Fraud Investigations

Uncover the Facts Fast and Discreetly
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In our world, private investigations often involve identifying, examining and quantifying fraud. Today's digital world has given corporate fraud an entirely new face, presenting a slew of fresh new opportunities to mischief-makers, criminals, even disgruntled employees. Whether it is online or offline, we will make discreet enquiries and provide the evidence you need to take the matter either to the police, the courts or deal with it internally.

Maybe you have started to see the occasional strange payment, you’re missing money or your inventory might have been shrinking for no good reason. Have you been hacked? If you want to know what’s going on and then successfully deal with it, you need to set up a corporate fraud investigation.

Why you need help investigating fraud

You could try to investigate your suspicions yourself. However, if you don’t want to spook the person or people involved and drive them to cover things up, an independent outsider is realistically your only option to establish what has been happening discreetly and privately.

Because we carry out our investigations in a calm and steady manner as well as take the raw emotion, sting and shock out of the situation, we are less likely to make the fraudsters suspicious.  Furthermore, the professional way the team at Eagle View Investigations operate, means that you will get as much evidence as you need, expertly laid out in a clean, logical and clear way – all in a format that the police, courts, union representatives, lawyers and people handling internal disciplinary proceedings will appreciate and be able to work with.

Fraud has all sorts of faces. These are just some of them:

  • Money Laundering
  • Vendor Fraud
  • Accounting Irregularities
  • Embezzlement
  • Misappropriation
  • Missing Inventory
  • Intellectual Property Infringement
  • Fraud in Joint Venture Contracts
  • Fraud in Commercial Contracts
  • Fraud in a Business, Employment or Financial Context
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Data Theft by Employees

What does business fraud investigation involve?

Sometimes fraud is glaringly obvious. However, more often than not it isn’t and the fraudsters can go to extraordinary lengths to conceal their activity, which means you have to delve a lot deeper and try a lot harder to establish what has been happening.

In order to prosecute fraud, you need a proper corporate fraud investigation to detect and gather all the right evidence, identify your defendants or trace lost assets.


There are numerous ways to identify fraud, including:

  • Auditing Financial Records – to ‘Follow the Money’
  • Gaining a Good, Accurate Understanding of the Culture and Practices in the Business
  • Interviewing Employees
  • Examining Social Media Posts
  • Collecting and Analysing Emails
  • Going through the Business’ Processes and Procedures
  • Checking Employee and Management Behaviour and Attitudes
  • Looking into Third Parties and their Potential Involvement
  • Accounting Research

Why use us to identify corporate fraud?

Eagle View Investigators will guide you through all the processes and evidence required for a prosecution. Because we go underground, ‘working under-the-radar’, you will avoid the Hawthorne Effect; where people who know they are being watched change their behaviour, even if they haven’t been doing anything wrong. As discreet, experienced private investigators we can gain a much deeper understanding of your business’ culture and practices, uncovering activities that managers and board members might be completely unaware of.

Your trusted fraud investigation partner

Fraud investigation takes a vast amount of time, patience, discretion and dedication. If you’d like to bring in the experts to establish potential fraud in the workplace, we will be pleased to assist you.