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Accident Investigations

Who is Responsible?
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Accidents are 'negative events caused by error or by chance' and they are always unintentional, usually resulting in a person being injured or property damaged. Across the modern world, risk control measures are used to reduce everyday risks to a reasonable level and minimise accidents happening. If an accident does happen it is often an indication that safety measures are not working properly.

These days, in an increasingly litigious world, it is vital to find out exactly where the fault lies or who was responsible. Our emphasis is on finding the cause of the accident so you can ensure it doesn’t happen again. 

Why you need help with accident investigations

Following a workplace or industrial incident involving personal injury, building structure, plant equipment, machinery or maybe a vehicle delivering outside premises, it is crucial that an accident investigation is started immediately.

If it is a serious incident the consequences can rapidly lead to a court case, leaving you with astronomically high legal fees and potentially massive corporate compensation pay-outs. If the person who has had the accident is seeking compensation, you will need to provide the relevant authorities with all the right evidence, detailed in a professional and legally proficient format, so that your counsel can present the strongest defence.

If you ever have a workplace incident, you will need experts to support you, gather the relevant information and to present it properly for the police, courts or a corporate compensation hearing.

The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999, regulation 5, states that employers must plan, organise, control, monitor and review their company’s Health and Safety arrangements. Are you certain you comply?

According to the 1995 Woolf Report, it is the employer’s responsibility to fully disclose the circumstances of an accident to the injured party who is taking legal action against them. This means you must investigate accidents at your workplace or involving your workforce. By demonstrating that you investigated the accident thoroughly and with impartiality, then took action to remedy everything necessary, the court should look more favourably upon you. The disclosures in our investigation report provide the information you will need to supply to your insurer in support of a claim.


What does accident investigating involve?

To begin with, our enquiry must be launched as soon as possible after an accident. We will observe the scene ourselves, taking video evidence and leaving the location relatively untouched. Arriving quickly will also enable us to make sure nothing is tampered with and we can take statements while the facts are fresh in everyone’s minds. Then one of our Eagle View Investigators can determine who the investigation is about, what happened, when it happened, why it happened, how it could have been prevented, and provide a review.

If the accident is at your workplace, we will assess the personnel angle of the incident as well as any material or environmental influences, your management system, plus work and process factors. These aspects will enable us to:

  • Investigate the Accident
  • Identify the Direct and Root Causes
  • Disclose Our Findings to You
  • Create a Plan of Action
  • Implement the Action Plan
  • Follow-up and Review the Plans if Necessary


Why use us to investigate accidents?

It is much easier to establish the truth when you are on the outside of an investigation. We have been carrying out accident investigations for many years and know exactly what is needed to gather the right evidence, then deliver and present it in the appropriate format.

Having a team of professionals on your side makes all the difference between an accident resolved positively and one that adversely affects your business in one way or another for years.

Working with us, your ideal
investigative partner

If there has been an accident at your business premises, call Eagle View Investigations as soon as possible to get the ball moving. If you have suffered an accident as a private individual, pick up the phone and call us now – we can help and advise you, too. It is vital to get your investigation started while everything’s fresh and clear, and it costs nothing to talk. Feel free to contact us to discuss what’s happened.