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Quarry Industry

Private Investigators to the Quarrying Sector
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Working in a quarry environment is stressful and dangerous for everyone concerned thanks to the extreme noise, explosive materials and risk of serious accidents, injuries and even fatalities. Everyone has to remain constantly alert to potential danger from heavy plant equipment, rock falls and more.

For senior executives and managers, it is a big responsibility. For instance, if the operation stops running smoothly, you experience theft of equipment or materials, there may even be an incident or accident on site, suspicious behaviour, chronic absenteeism or serious financial irregularities, you will need the advice of specialist investigators.

We have a great deal of investigative knowledge plus years of experience in the private investigation sector. We have helped clients with complex insurance claims, the recovery of stolen vehicles, machinery and high-value equipment, and the prosecution of thieves. Our team of forensic accountancy investigators have caught criminals red handed in activities like fraud and embezzlement.

Validation via electronic tracking, CCTV and surveillance equipment means the information we provide delivers the exact kind and quality of evidence needed by a criminal prosecution or disciplinary hearing.


Our private investigation experts support a better bottom line.

We provide a vast range of different private investigation services to businesses like yours, including:

  • Security review, support and consultancy
  • Due diligence and background checks on people and organisations
  • Fraud and theft
  • Personnel, absenteeism and industrial injury
  • Accidents
  • Internal espionage
  • CCTV systems, covert cameras and remote surveillance monitoring
  • GPS vehicle tracking and hire
  • Covert surveillance and observations

The major challenges we at Eagle View Investigations can help businesses overcome

You might be quarrying sand, stone, potash, peat, gravel or something else altogether. Whatever you quarry, you will be operating in a dangerous environment using expensive equipment and employing plenty of on-site workers. We help you keep every aspect of it safe and secure so you can focus on generating more profit.

A combination of excellent technical support, quality hardware, versatile software and a great deal of experience means we’re your perfect private investigations partner.


Let's talk asset tracking and management

If we can help in any way with our investigative expertise, Eagle View Investigations be pleased to. Contact us to talk things through with a pro.