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Computer Forensics and Computer Investigations

Icon: Computer Forensics and Computer Investigations

When you suspect you have been the victim of a crime, you have a series of decisions to make. Your first question is - do you have the evidence to prove a crime has been committed? The second might be - do you actually want to do anything about it?

If you decide to take the matter further you will need to track, trace and chase up the facts from start to finish. It might sound relatively easy but without specialist investigative expertise and experience, it is a challenging task. You need expert support.

Eagle View’s team of analysts compile a meticulous register of all the relevant documents, records and data, along with the origins of the information and system log dates, in other words the entire chain of evidence. Our computer technicians will also search for hidden data and retrieve deleted files to pin down the source of issues like identity theft, cyber theft, cyber bullying, viruses, network intrusions, social engineering and phishing.

Individuals and businesses use our computer forensics and investigation services for all sorts of reasons, everything from supporting law enforcement investigations to uncovering and proving fraud, intellectual property theft, forgery, employee disputes, regulatory compliance, data theft, bankruptcy and the inappropriate use of digital equipment.


Computer investigation taking place with a computer forensics expert taking apart some computer components to investigate
Finger on a laptop keyboard looking at keystroke logs as part of a computer forensics investigation service
Security agent working as a computer forensics expert as part of a computer investigations service

How can we help you?

Using a series of methodical and systematic processes, we perform a structured investigation into your computers. As a result you will find out exactly what happened on your computer or network, and who was responsible for it.


Know your enemy... and stop them in their tracks

Having completed our investigation, we provide you with a comprehensive report clearly setting out the evidence. Our reports are written and presented in a format which is acceptable to you, the police, and also to your legal representatives if you decide to take the matter to Court.

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