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Covert Vehicle Tracking Equipment

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Electronic vehicle tracking can tell you a great deal about a person and their movements. You might for instance be concerned about your relationship and want to check if your partner is cheating on you, find out where an employee is going in their company car, identify why someone's mileage is unusually high, or simply have a tracker on your vehicle so you can do everything possible to ensure it can be found if stolen.

For all of these reasons and more, a covert vehicle tracker is the perfect tool to know a vehicle’s whereabouts.

Why you need help with tracking vehicles

Tracking a vehicle isn’t anywhere near as easy as it looks! Do you have the skill and experience to fit a tracking device without anyone knowing about it? If it’s a passive model, could you access the vehicle to get hold of the data stored on it, then replace it again without being caught? Then there is a crucial question to consider. Could you be certain you have set it up correctly so you get the exact information you are looking for? The answer to all of these is probably no, and that is why it makes a lot of sense to call the experts in.

The same goes if you want to fit trackers on multiple vehicles for fleet tracking, when you need to find out exactly how much time is spent behind the wheel, to determine where and how your fleet is being used. Tracking can also provide additional data like information about a driver’s road skills, whether they drive too fast or too erratically. Safe ‘defensive’ driving saves fuel too, so it matters to your bottom line.

What do covert vehicle trackers do?

There are two types of car tracker systems: the active tracker and the passive tracker.

An active or real time tracking device shows you exactly where a vehicle is at a given time meaning you can observe its movements via a computer. It’s a sensible choice for businesses checking delivery efficiency and monitoring workers.

Although active GPS tracking devices tend to be more expensive than passive models, you will find that most of them are factory-fitted with geolocation technology. This extra application enables active trackers to be far more versatile because they can collect information on when a vehicle enters or leaves a location – useful for recovering stolen vehicles or tracing the whereabouts of a trailer load of goods.


Passive trackers are much simpler with fewer features and technology. Data is stored on the device itself, which means the tracker has to be removed to access the information. Passive tracking devices are also smaller, making them much less noticeable and easier to hide. They are ideal for businesses that want to prevent vehicle misuse and are often used to check the movements of cheating spouses or partners.

Passive tracking devices cost about one third less than the price of active versions, so if you don’t need instant real-time feedback and can check the device regularly, a passive GPS tracking device will probably suffice.


Why use Eagle View vehicle tracking service?

We are highly experienced in every aspect of tracking a vehicle. We know which pieces of tracking kit are the best for each kind of job, how to install them, how to make sure they are operating properly. We can be certain they are collecting the data correctly and, if you have active vehicle tracking, that the data is being beamed back to the right place. 

Whether you want to track an individual, your other half or your entire staff when they are out on the road, Eagle View can help you make sure you get exactly what you need to achieve your objective.

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