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Security Surveys, Support and Consultancy

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Security surveys help an organisation reduce theft, vandalism and fraud. Once you have put in place an effective set of tactics, you should suffer fewer losses, have more peace of mind and experience a higher level of confidence and certainty in an increasingly uncertain world - all of which can contribute to a safer environment.

We take a strictly logical approach to business security, focusing attention on even the smallest detail. We look at every area of your business to identify security improvements and tighten up your current and existing procedures. As a result, would-be criminals will have to overcome a series of effective deterrents – obstacles that often put them off altogether, forcing them to find somewhere easier to target.

Corporate security support helps many businesses take their physical, informational, personnel-related and cyber-security seriously. Our expertise in the security consultancy world means we are ideally placed to help you get your organisation’s security fit for purpose… and keep it that way, as you grow and evolve.

Why you need a security survey

If there has been a run of crime in your area recently, you might feel it is time to take a long, careful look at your corporate security. The same goes if you have already been targeted by criminals or mischief-makers, external or internal.

You may have neglected your security recently because you have been so busy, or perhaps you have not updated your security measures for months or even years. Whatever your circumstances, Eagle View investigations can help you secure every aspect of your business.

Access control implementation in a corporate site as part of private security surveys support and consultancy
Private security agents monitoring a site as part of private security surveys, support and consultancy services
CCTV installations advised as part of private security surveys support and consultancy

What does security surveying involve?

As business security consultants we carry out a wide range of analyses and explorations for you; examining the type and level of recent crime in the area, checking local Business Watch or Neighbourhood Watch Schemes, establishing the most likely theft targets at your place, and pinning down exactly what level of risk each potential security breach poses and what kind of effect it might have on your business.

Our highly skilled private detectives are able to check the places where potential criminals might hide – secret themselves and report back on how well maintained any vulnerable areas around your premises are… or not! We will carefully check your boundaries for weaknesses, ensuring they are secure and well maintained, especially where they are hidden from public view. We will make sure your entrances are secure, look for arson targets, make sure no tools are left hanging around for people to use to break in and recommend you light up dark, gloomy areas.

We will examine outbuildings as well as the premises itself to identify gaps where a tool could prise open a window, door or other entry point.


All your external and internal doors, locks and alarms will be examined to make sure they are of the standard and type required by insurance companies. We will check any fire doors and security camera systems too, to make sure they work as they should.

We might suggest you add locks to your windows or consider fixing grilles, shutters, mesh, hatch covers, reinforcing bars, laminated glass or tinted glass. We will create an inventory of your assets or expensive equipment by make, model and serial number, and help you assess whether any high value equipment should be stored safely in a separate place with restricted, fully-controlled access. We might also recommend security marking.

Last but not least, we will analyse your stock control measures, employee procedures, staff safety and worker confidentiality. Once we have finalised our investigation and have determined your requirements, Eagle View will create a bespoke security recommendation for your consideration.


Why use us Eagle View Investigations to help with a security survey?

We have all the necessary experience and expertise to carry out a detailed survey of every aspect of your business security, ticking each essential box to help you become as safe and secure as possible, with all the commercial advantages it brings.

Arrange a business security survey

If you would like to make an appointment or ask a question, we are here to help. You can get in touch with Eagle View Investigations via our contact page – we look forward to hearing from you.