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Overt Surveillance

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Overt surveillance involves surveillance monitoring equipment that is intentionally placed so it is highly visible, fitted in plain view to deter criminal activity, provide a sense of security and give people or businesses peace of mind.

If the worst happens and a crime is committed, video footage of the act can be used as evidence because when a criminal’s face is on camera, it is very hard to disprove wrongdoing.

Why you need help with overt surveillance

You may have noticed that cameras have become increasingly common in and around commercial premises as well as residential areas, parks and public buildings. Overt video recording is a staple of many a security investigation, which means you need to decide which is the right camera and then mount it in the right place.

The effect of in-your-face, obviously visible security measures like this can be dramatic, stopping theft, break-ins and vandalism instantly before any serious damage has been done. On the other hand if the camera is not right, or a good camera is mounted in the wrong place, it will be worthless. It is vital to get it right first time.

There is also a legal and regulatory dimension to consider. You can’t always fit a camera without getting permission. And you might not be aware that all surveillance must be conducted within the framework of the law, which just happens to be notoriously complex. If you make a mistake along the way, perhaps forget to get permission, you could end up with inadmissible evidence or less evidence than you had before you started.

What does overt surveillance involve?

Overt video cameras are highly noticeable and can be clearly seen. They can be a very obvious deterrent, since it is hard to disprove wrongdoing when your face is on camera. No wonder the mere presence of obvious cameras and other recording equipment can have such a dramatic damping effect on crime.

Research reveals that video cameras and their recordings are an invaluable tool in detecting and prosecuting criminals, which is why they are so widely used in shops and off-licenses, parks, car parks, stadiums, shopping centres, pubs and nightclubs. 

Video cameras can stop robbers and vandals in their tracks, put off looters, discourage antisocial behaviour and violence, and can even prevent fights between individuals and crowds. These video cameras can also overtly record sound, capturing crucial conversations which means you can take the right kind of action if, for instance, there is risk of harm or damage to yourself or others.

Why call the professionals in?

Can you conduct your own surveillance? Of course, you can – in the exact same way as you can amputate your own leg if you want to! For this reason, you need to get everything right the first time and achieve the desired results, you really do need professional support.

  • We make certain everything we do complies to UK Law which says surveillance must be lawful, fair and proportionate
  • We harness the latest cutting-edge technology and all our past experience in the field on your behalf to plan and produce specially tailored overt surveillance operations that exactly meet your needs – whether you are an organisation or an individual
  • Our in-depth reports will provide all details and evidence available or witnessed by our cameras for whatever purpose you have in mind, whether it is an internal matter or a case for the Police and Courts
Our expertise covers more than the gadgets and tech used for surveillance. The Eagle View Investigations team are also fluent in and exceptionally knowledgeable about all the vital legal aspects such as torts, stalking laws, invasion of privacy, defamation, slander, bad faith, emotional distress and more, all of which are essential in our line of work.

Why Partner with us?

We at Eagle View can help you with all your surveillance needs, from identifying the ideal camera equipped with the best spec to analysing the information it records and then preparing a detailed report for you which can be handed over to the Police and the Courts.

Let's get your overt surveillance tools and protocol sorted

There is no better time than now to take action and take control, so contact us today to get your investigation started. If you are not sure you need our help or feel overt surveillance is out of your price-range, why not give us call to check? You might find it’s easily affordable. We are always happy to answer questions and give advice.