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Remote Monitoring

Discreet Surveillance for all Sorts of Purposes
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Need remote surveillance? The change from early analogue surveillance technology to IP surveillance has been a dramatic one. These days, IP cameras create digitised video data streams that can be carried through network cabling or via Wi-Fi.

In addition, the latest CCTV software is designed with intelligent video analytics which can almost instantly crunch and analyse visual data and perform real-time detection and analysis of events.

Why you need remote monitoring

Powered by artificial intelligence, remote surveillance equipment analyses a multitude of parameters including counting, monitoring and limiting spectators passing through rotating gates at a music venue, preventing crime using facial recognition to pick out hooligans before they enter a stadium, and stopping unauthorised scientists accessing prohibited areas.

Today’s technology produces more opportunities than ever to evaluate and scrutinise every minute detail. The sheer wealth of information can feel overwhelming. Luckily trained operators like ours take the weight off your shoulders, carrying out what can be a tricky task on your behalf.


In this day and age it is rare to travel on any major road without being picked up on Remotely Monitored CCTV. It’s also used in situations involving accidents, incidents and, when connected with Automatic Number Plate (ANP) Recognition software, tracking the movement of specific vehicles.

In situations involving a large number of rooms, areas or sites, multi-feed monitoring is used, sometimes by businesses monitoring their own cameras via smartphone and other times via a specialist like us.


About our expert team

Our people have a thorough understanding of the technology. They can repair and maintain the equipment. They are focused, scrupulous, observant and alert, which means anything witnessed is dealt with in the correct way with highly detailed reporting, recording and cataloguing of suspicious behaviour.

We are skilled at communicating and multi-tasking, used to coping in a crisis. Our security team will calmly pass anything illegal to the appropriate authorities. We know the precise ways in which evidence has to be produced and presented for the police and courts.

What does it mean to remotely monitor premises?

Remotely monitored security protects businesses from criminal and environmental damage through discouragement. After all, who wants to appear on Crimewatch! It makes sense to connect your CCTV, fire and intruder alarms to a remote monitoring station online, choosing either a system that’s live 24/7 or switched on whenever the place is unoccupied. If your system detects an intruder, fire or any other kind of unusual activity, it sends an alarm to the remote monitoring station.

Our dedicated people answer alarms quickly. They make sure the footage from your CCTV cameras is sent direct to a human operator so they can swiftly pan, zoom in and investigate. Ideally, you will have multiple cameras installed so we can check your site from different angles, with no blind spots.

When our operators observe suspicious activities we take instant action, calling the key holder and, if necessary, notifying the emergency services. If there’s an intruder, they could be given a live audio announcement warning them that they are being monitored and telling them to leave immediately. 

As you can imagine, in almost every case a stern disembodied warning is enough to send them packing, usually for good.


Why use a remote camera monitoring service

Remote camera monitoring can help you save thousands of pounds that would otherwise be lost to theft, criminal damage or fire damage. But for it to work properly you have to set your system up to maximise its full potential to improve security and make your investment worthwhile.  We recommend, supply and install market-leading remote monitor and CCTV packages, complete with all the latest hardware and cloud software. 

Let's discuss remotely monitoring things at your place

You are just one phone call away from setting yourself or company up with the best system available at a price you can afford. If you have been considering remote security monitoring for your home, business or site then give us a call – we will deliver a tailor-made service from start to finish.