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Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures for the Office and Workplace

Icon: Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures for the Office and Workplace

If you are a business owner, member of the Board of Directors or a senior manager, there are a multitude of reasons why workplace and internal security should be high on your list of priorities.

It goes without saying that managing a successful company, in an often highly competitive landscape, comes with a huge responsibility and expectation to safeguard your assets. These days, there are countless news stories about security breaches and far too many businesses get caught out.

The list of reasons why businesses are targeted is endless. You could easily find yourself the victim of an unscrupulous competitor who spies on you in order to profit from your secrets, a hacker who uses Information Technology and programming knowledge to steal sensitive customer data or a discontented and angry employee who feels badly treated and decides to leak suppressed information.


The problem for most companies is that when someone is intent on causing harm to their brand, damaging their reputation or stealing secrets, there are simply too many methods of attacking or infiltrating their firm for the company to deal with on their own.

However big or small your company is, spying always has negative consequences. You need a damage limitation plan and that includes TCSM sweeps.


Which areas of a premises deserve the TSCM treatment?

The only way to be confident your business affairs remain private is to check every possible place where espionage equipment could be hidden. The key requirement of a TSCM search is thoroughness. We carefully examine conference rooms, boardrooms, meeting rooms, directors’ offices and any other areas where private or important conversations take place. We also check the locations where people congregate to socialise or have a quick chat and equally important any out of the way, not-so-obvious places too.

Our highly experienced bug sweep professionals at Eagle View Investigations can examine your entire premises for carefully concealed, disguised and hidden transmitters, microphones, wireless video cameras, voice recorders and taps. 

We can also conduct full-scale bug sweeps on your computer, phone networks and IT systems. We will also inspect existing document security protocols to ensure they are working as they should. Once you know the actual threats you face you can take steps to investigate them; improve security, plug vulnerabilities, revise your security protocols and potentially identify who is trying to steal from you or sabotage your business.

Checking every aspect of your business for spy gadgetry

Our Technical Surveillance Counter Measures programme will search every possible risk area.  Depending on the type of building you occupy and the nature of the threats you face we will bring in a variety of investigative equipment.

Regular checks keep your workplace secrets safe and secure

A TSCM sweep should be a regular occurrence at your business. It really is the only way to maintain peace of mind in a world where some companies will go to extreme lengths to make a profit.