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Covert Surveillance

Detailed, Intelligent and Focused
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Surveillance is covert when the subject or subjects of the investigation are unaware they are being watched. It can be either directed surveillance or intrusive surveillance.

They both have to abide by the UK’s Covert Surveillance and Property Interference Code of Practice

Directed surveillances covertly monitor a person’s or group of people’s movements, conversations and other activities. The work demands highly skilled specialists who use various means to maintain their eyes and ears on the person of interest at all times, either by operating on foot, in vehicles, on the premises or from special observation posts.

Intrusive surveillances covertly monitor people and groups of people by, for example, using an eavesdropping device in an office or inside a vehicle. To put your mind at rest, we can even bring sophisticated counter surveillance equipment into play to find out if anyone is carrying out electronic surveillance on you.

Why you need help with covert surveillance

Are you an expert in surveillance? If not, you might be surprised to know just how tricky it can be to keep an eye on someone without letting them know you are watching. We will:

  • Recommend the right kind of equipment for the job and the best place to buy it
  • Fit the equipment, if you need us to
  • Carry out a detailed end-to-end investigation to meet your goals perfectly
  • Provide you with the right amount and type of information in the right way
  • Provide you with a final comprehensive report detailing our work, observations and findings, all in the correct format, should further action be necessary.
  • Support and keep you briefed throughout the process
Covert surveillance carried out for private clients in UK
Remote monitoring station carrying out covert surveillance services as part of private security consultancy services in UK
Covert surveillance being carried out by private security consultants in the UK

What does secret surveillance involve?

Covert detective work involves using a wide range of different technologies and methods to collect enough hard evidence to conduct internal disciplinary proceedings, provide to the police, courts or unions. Eagle View Investigations use a variety of specialist equipment and techniques:

  • Video surveillance cameras
  • Covert spy cameras; wired and wireless, indoor or outdoor
  • Electronic surveillance
  • Telephone tapping and phone spy software
  • Directional microphones for eavesdropping and recording sound
  • Bugs – aka covert listening devices
  • CCTV
  • GPS tracking and electronic tagging for/on people and vehicles
  • Still photos
  • Access to a variety of internet, social media and email accounts, incoming (and outgoing) post, phone calls and general computer surveillance
  • Night vision equipment and video cameras

Why use us?

Our team of specialists has countless years of experience. Eagle View Investigators know exactly how to be discreet, professional and stay covert – just a few of the personal attributes essential to acquire every precise and compelling piece of information you could possibly need us to capture.

It takes time, dedication, patience and expertise to complete a successful investigation, all of which we have and can dedicate to you. You can be confident we’ll do everything right from start to finish, leaving you in a position of strength whatever you intend to do with the information. Our team of Investigators are friendly and approachable as well as totally professional. You can depend on us.

Let's talk about surveillance

Every job is different in our world. No two are the same. If you would like to discuss the type and style of surveillance that would best suit your circumstances, we will be pleased to help and answer any questions you may have – just give the Eagle View team a call and ask.