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Process Serving

Notifying Legal Action Properly
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'Service of process' means giving an individual or corporate body notice that another party is taking legal action against them. The notification involves delivering documents that describe the legal action, including summonses, complaints, subpoenas, court orders, bankruptcy proceedings and more.

If the process serving side of things isn’t executed properly, your case could be delayed or even be dismissed altogether.

Why you need help with process serving

Because these documents must be served by an independent person, not a party to the legal action, you need to hire a Legal Process Server before you can go ahead with a Court case. A process server is experienced in serving legal documents efficiently and effectively and has a good knowledge of the relevant law.

There are other circumstances under which a process serving expert is essential. Overseas organisations operating in Britain must provide a UK address where any legal proceedings can be served. Also, international companies with agreements governed by English and Scottish Law must appoint a UK based agent to accept service on their behalf.

What does the serving processes involve?

Serving legal documents often takes grit and determination, sometimes it even involves outwitting people who know they are about to be served and would do anything to avoid it. We’ve seen it all, and we are highly experienced in getting Court papers served no matter what.

Over the years Eagle View’s experienced staff have served notice of legal proceedings to a wide variety of businesses and individuals, for every imaginable reason. We sometimes have to handle difficult and dangerous situations but because we tackle every job with forethought and careful planning, we have an excellent success rate.


We also carry out international process serving for overseas legal firms wanting to serve papers in Britain and British legal practices that want to serve overseas. Our support often costs less than a local expert, someone on the ground abroad.

Why use Eagle View Investigations to serve Court documents?

A process server must serve legal documents in accordance with the relevant legislation, unless you are an experienced server yourself, it is important to hire an expert.

Service of process – We will act for you

It is helpful to have a trusted partner lined up just in case you ever need support with serving papers. We act on behalf of all sorts of organisations and we are happy to talk things through with you.