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Intellectual Property Infringements

Protecting Innovation
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Did you know Private Investigators often lead the way when a business has suffered intellectual property infringements, also called IP infringements? It is important to get the experts behind you straight away when faced with IP infringement or a breach of intellectual property rights. For example, you might have discovered a trademark infringement or the counterfeiting/piracy of a design, copyright or patent.

Creative work such as music, art and paintings, software, invention, industrial processes and various forms of writing can all be intellectual property. Unlike almost any other type of property, intellectual property is usually intangible, has often cost a lot to develop and is easy to copy and distribute.


Your IP rights are infringed as soon as work protected by IP laws is used, copied or otherwise exploited without the permission of the person who owns those rights. The Law allows civil court actions to prosecute offenders for infringed patents, trade-marks, designs or copyright and in more serious incidents the perpetrators can be pursued for criminal offences in cases of trade-mark infringement and copyright.


Why you need help with intellectual property infringements

Intellectual property rights are some of the most valuable assets your business owns, representing your intellectual and creative ideas, achievements, inventions and creative expressions; in other words the things that make your business totally unique.

Intellectual property violations have the potential to cause enormous damage to a business, which is why it is vital you make sure all your Court documents and evidence are watertight. Should you get these wrong you could easily lose your case and be left with no legal recourse.

What does intellectual property investigation involve?

An IP investigation can cover all sorts of things, looking at:

  • Breaches of Trade Secrets
  • Patent Infringement
  • Unauthorised Trademark Use
  • Data Breaches
  • IP Leaks
  • Copied and Faked Products
  • Incidents of Brand Imitation


Eagle View Detectives will take a close, discreet look at a wide range of individuals to find out who is responsible for the violation, including the inventors of the object or process in question, the owners of the trademark, or the users of the copyright, together with current and former employees.

Why use us to investigate
intellectual theft?

We are sophisticated, meticulous, methodical and thorough, all characteristics that are crucial when you’re searching for and collecting viable evidence for Court. If you try to do it yourself you could easily overlook vital information – because it is hard to see all areas objectively, you could easily omit or incorrectly submit critical key exhibits, or you might end up spooking those responsible before you have gathered all the evidence. At a time like this, you need proper professional support from people who know what they are doing and can deliver the insight and facts you need in a timely and logical fashion.

Your trusted intellectual property theft detection partners

If you suspect your organisation is suffering from intellectual property theft, we will step in and quietly get on with pinning down who is responsible and exactly what has happened. To explore the possibilities with trustworthy professionals, get in touch.