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Over 40 years experience in private investigation and security consultation.

We are a group of professionally trained and experienced detectives including highly skilled former police personnel and military experts.

Eagle View Investigations - Private Investigators in West Midlands, Birmingham, London, UK

Professional Corporate & Commercial Investigations

Companies will always be at risk from traditional business crimes such as internal fraud, theft and commercial malpractice. However, there’s a growing risk you’ll suffer cyber-crime, anything from phishing attacks to obtain sensitive data – usernames, passwords and credit card details – to hacking, theft of your data, or viruses such as malware. Potentially more serious crimes like product counterfeiting, parallel trading, blackmail, commercial espionage, sabotage, computer fraud and information theft are now becoming increasingly more common.

Eagle View Detection - Security Consultants in West Midlands, Birmingham, London, UK

Expert Observation & Surveillance

There are many different surveillance technologies and methods involved in routine operational observations and investigations. Our agents use all relevant and available techniques to observe the target or targets, gather intelligence and collect evidence, whilst constantly conducting themselves in a professional, discreet and confidential manner. Using modern tracking methods, together with continuous physical research at every stage, enables us to remotely observe, capture and identify all potential evidence and people involved in an investigation both quickly and efficiently. Once we have sufficient proof to support our findings, we will create a comprehensive report written in a format that can be used by legal professionals or, if required, proceedings such as disciplinary hearings.

Eagle View Tracking - Vehicle Tracking West Midlands, Birmingham, London, UK

Global Vehicle Tracking

Global positioning satellite (GPS) vehicle tracking monitoring/ services are now more accessible and in demand than ever before; the equipment is no longer exclusive to law enforcement agencies but available to independent specialist investigation companies, and the technology of the devices we use is far more sophisticated and versatile.  The latest covert electronic satellite devices are extremely cost-effective and so small they can be easily and discreetly fitted without raising suspicion.

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It costs nothing to talk. If you want to find out the facts and get evidence of something that’s troubling you, something that just doesn’t feel right, we will be pleased to discuss the way forward.