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Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures Corporate and Commercial

Icon: Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures Corporate and Commercial

Do you make widgets, cosmetics, children's toys or military equipment? Maybe you manufacture shoes or operate wholesale in the catering sector?

Whatever you do, wherever you do it, digital technology has opened up a new generation of cyber risks to add to an already long list of ways that competitors, foreign governments, discontented ex-employees and other troublemakers can mess with your business.

Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures are the best way to make sure you haven’t been infiltrated, are not being spied on, are not leaking vital data or broadcasting all your commercial secrets into the ears of someone who shouldn’t be listening. The methods vary widely, including eavesdropping, tapping phones, and communicating in secret.


Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) being implemented in a corporate office with access control finger print scanners
Corporate offices in London, UK protected with bug sweeping and technical surveillance counter measures (TSCM)
Corporate office and networks protected with bug sweeping and technical surveillance counter measures (TSCM)

What TSCM involves

Our TSCM inspections are carried out by an experienced team. We use either a combination or all of these methods:

  • A radio spectrum search to pin down any active radio or video transmitters
  • An electronically enhanced physical search with a non-linear junction detector and thermal imaging camera to find passive or broken eavesdropping devices, or those hidden inside electrical sockets, extension sockets and computer keyboards.
  • An inspection of your electrical wiring, outlets and switches
  • An inspection of your electronic equipment and cabling
  • An inspection of your telecommunications equipment using a time domain reflectometer
  • A physical security review to reveal breaches of office security
  • A careful check to make sure your document security protocols work properly

Why would someone spy on your business?

Industrial espionage is the covert, illegal practice of spying in order to gain a business advantage or discover the secrets of a rival company. If you operate in a highly competitive sector, competing businesses or even countries might try to establish or confirm your plans. Not to mention find out about your new service and release it themselves before your launch, steal your new product development ideas or come into possession of your product price list so they can sell their own goods for less.

Talk to us

Don’t chance your luck or take too many risks. At the very least, call our team to get the best advice in the business. We will sweep your premises regularly and make sure your secrets stay secret, your plans stay under wraps, and your customer data is secure. Let’s talk about the possibilities.