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Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures for the Home

Icon: Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures for the Home

Have you ever wondered if there are any hidden audio microphones and recording devices planted in your home? It is not as far-fetched and rare as you might think, especially if you are a successful business person with a thriving and profitable company and an unscrupulous competitor.

Landlords have been known to fit hidden cameras in tenants’ bedrooms and bathrooms. We have even had cases where couples have lost trust in their partners and arranged for covert surveillance equipment to observe the comings and goings at their house while they’re away.

More often than not, spying on a partner is the only way to gather definitive and conclusive evidence, especially if you suspect infidelity. Over the years, we have seen numerous video cameras and digital audio recorders skilfully and ingeniously hidden in bedrooms, kitchens and living rooms.


Get a professional TSCM expert on the job

Could a secret bug explain why unusual things have been happening recently? Are you being listened to, watched or both? To put your mind at rest you need a professionally trained Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures (TSCM) debugging engineer to sweep your entire home.

A TSCM sweep will not only discover hidden audio bugs and cameras, it will also reveal all the electronic devices that are connected to your router and WIFI. With this information, you will be able identify anything that has been linked without your knowledge.


The most common circumstance for phone-tap and surveillance devices at home is to gather evidence before or during a court case, namely:

  • Legal cases involving the Family Courts
  • Child welfare
  • Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service (CAFCASS)
  • Child Residence Orders
  • Divorce settlement proceedings

Finding small, discreet, sometimes almost invisible bugs

In recent years spying devices have been designed to be incredibly small and powerful. Video cameras can be planted in plain sight yet be completely invisible and it takes an expert eye to spot them.

Armed with a suite of powerful electronic detection equipment, our team of experts apply their extensive experience and observation skills to locate and disarm even the tiniest bug, whether switched on or off.

Where the search begins

We will conduct a complete TSCM search of your property, focusing on places where audio bugs are usually found. Video cameras, on the other hand are most often hidden in places where people dress and undress, which is why we initially concentrate on sweeping your bedroom and bathroom.

Let's clean your home for you

If you need a discreet, professional team to clear your home of bugs and spy devices, just get in touch. We will be delighted to help you feel completely safe and secure in your home.