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Matrimonial Surveillance

Investigating Your Other Half
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Do you suspect your partner or spouse is having an affair? If so, you need all the facts at your disposal. Knowledge is power, and our matrimonial surveillance experts can establish what is really going on.

The information and evidence we provide can support divorce proceedings, be used to end the relationship satisfactorily, or help you take steps to mend it.

Why you need help with spouse surveillance

When a relationship or marriage gets in trouble, it’s all about emotions. You might be too emotionally involved, too personally invested in the situation and so it is often very hard to see the wood for the trees. You will need someone independent, someone who is not emotionally involved to dig out the truth for you.

You might have noticed a change in your husband’s or wife’s daily routine: they might be working late more often or staying out longer, they may have changed their computer passwords and blocked you from accessing their machine, they might be hiding bank statements and text messages from you.

If your partner is being nicer – or indeed nastier – than usual, it can be a sign there is someone else involved or something else is going on. If you have noticed a lack of interest in you, your lives, your kids and everything else it can indicate something is going badly wrong.

Our matrimonial and cheating partner surveillance will give you answers. We do it all so discreetly and covertly that your partner won’t know a thing about it.

Private investigator working to solve a matrimonial surveillance case in the UK
Technical surveillance of mobile phones as part of matrimonial surveillance by private security consultants
Private matrimonial surveillance operation underway by private investigator in UK

What does surveillance of your partner involve?

Marriage surveillance takes many forms, usually a combination of actions including:

  • Mobile Phone Forensics
  • Computer Forensics and Computer Monitoring
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Personal Surveillance
  • Online Research
Our private investigators will follow your other half discreetly, making a note of everyone they meet and everything they do. They are well trained in various methods for gathering and producing evidence, through surveillance photographs and video recordings.

We will keep detailed surveillance logs throughout the process, which we will ultimately hand to you, along with our report and any photographic or video evidence that you want to give to your solicitor. Everything gathered is collected legally and is admissible in a Court of Law.

If your partner is attempting to hide money, property or other assets before filing for divorce, our status and asset reporting experts know exactly how to trace their genuine worth and make sure you get a fair deal.


Why use Eagle View Detectives for marriage surveillance?

We provide discreet professional services to individuals and their solicitors to prove infidelity. Because we are registered under the Data Protection Act and GDPR, you will have the confidence that your personal information will be stored in a safe and secure environment, which will never be revealed to anyone else. We operate across the UK and have all the state-of-the-art technical equipment required to effectively capture the evidence you’re looking for.

Let's make a partner surveillance plan

Do you need our help to find out whether your spouse or partner is being unfaithful? Our discreet service will give you the facts you need quickly and efficiently, so you can start to heal your life.