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Manpower Surveillance and Monitoring

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Why you need help with manpower monitoring and surveillance

Employee monitoring is on the increase as bosses attempt to safeguard company information and protect productivity. This means a wide range of technologies and equipment has evolved, designed to observe the workplace and collect information about the activities of its workers. While the heart and soul of a business is its employees they can also be its downfall, creating short-term or even long-term problems that can’t always be fixed easily. Your business’ finances, reputation, brand, sales, productivity and corporate resources can all suffer.

As the business marketplace becomes more competitive and productivity increasingly crucial to profitability, any unacceptable, unreasonable or unnecessary waste of a staff member’s time can impact heavily on your financial results. If you have a culture of time-wasting in your workforce, the financial impact can ultimately be devastating for everyone concerned. It makes sense to have extra management tools in place to protect your assets.


Clients call us in to assist them with people monitoring in cases of suspicious and unacceptable behaviour. We at Eagle View Investigations are also called in to identify who is causing undesirable or disruptive behaviour before it impacts office dynamics, causes illness and sick leave, creates negative work relationships or leads to issues with efficiency. 

A study conducted by US-based International Data Corp reveals that 30-40% of the time spent online by American employees is not work-related. Whether the time was spent shopping, online banking or on social media, to most bosses it is an intolerable abuse of the company’s resources. It can also be a good indication of a staff member’s lack of trustworthiness, conscientiousness, and willingness to contribute to the business’ success.

Another report indicates that as many as 31% of US employees have sent emails to external sources revealing sensitive business information, things like intellectual property or trade secrets. Studies also note that as many as 60% of online purchases in the USA are made during work hours, along with a large percentage of Facebook posts and messages. There is no reason to believe that the UK is any different.

Private security consultant in a control room carrying out employee manpower surveillance monitoring and investigations in UK
Team discussing the benefits of manpower employee surveillance monitoring and investigations to protect staff
Private investigator working with authorities for manpower and employee surveillance monitoring and investigations

What does manpower surveillance and monitoring involve?

In the technologically sophisticated times we operate in, companies can use equipment and software to monitor nearly 100% of their employee activity and communications. Staff monitoring methods can include keystroke logging, wiretapping, GPS tracking of vehicles, access badge location tracking, video and audio surveillance, internet and app use monitoring, social media and instant messaging use, email and phone use.

Some projects involve investigating the equipment employees are using. It is extremely important that your staff only use company equipment, not their own personal devices. While you can legally monitor your staff’s use of work computers, smartphones and other devices during business hours, you cannot legally monitor them using their own machines or working for you in their own time.

Why use us to monitor manpower?

Being a successful professional private investigation company means surveillance and monitoring is what we do for a living. If we say so ourselves, the Eagle View Investigations Team are very good at it!

Identifying and evaluating levels of employee misbehaviour is not an easy task, especially when you need it to happen covertly. It is essential to have exactly the right information, with the right level of detail, in the right format for successful disciplinary proceedings or police action. If you want to get it right first time, it makes sense to call us in as your professional private investigation partner.

Exploring your needs

We always set aside time to find out exactly what you need before creating a bespoke manpower surveillance and monitoring plan for you. If you are looking for advice or a rough idea of how much these management tools might cost, one of our Eagle View Investigators will happily discuss and go through all the options available. Remember, it doesn’t cost you anything to talk. If you would like to explore the potential, get in touch.