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Security Risk Assessment

Know the Threats that Your Business Faces
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Does your business need a security risk assessment? If you want to know the threats your business faces and how likely they are to happen, it makes a lot of sense to get an expert in to assess every aspect of the organisation's security.

Great overall security means your business is future-proofed and your brand can be trusted to look after sensitive data responsibly, according to the law of the land. It also means that you are at much less of a risk of cyber-attacks, safer from issues caused by problem personnel, less likely to suffer theft and less likely to claim on your business insurance, all of which makes for better business and a healthier bottom line.

Why you need security risk assessments

Security risk assessing helps you discover the threats your organisation might face in today’s complex business landscape. It involves identifying vulnerabilities and exploring their likely impact, which can only be achieved by taking an intelligent, integrated approach to security as a whole.

Your personnel matter because you can have all the expensive physical security in the world, but if an employee wants to compromise it they will probably succeed. That’s why we look at your physical security, information security, cyber security and personnel security.

Your first step towards rock solid corporate security is to review the processes and procedures you already have in place. That’s where we come in – first by helping you understand the threats you face and spotting any gaps in your existing security measures, then by recommending measures you can take to improve business security from every angle.

Private security risk assessment carried out by corporate private investigators
CCTV installations as part of security risk assessment in London, UK
Remote monitoring station as part of private security risk assessment to protect clients

What does security risk assessing involve?

Assessing security involves understanding the current security climate and being aware of anything that might put your organisation at risk, including terrorist attacks. First of all, this means thinking about the physical location of the business and identifying any high-risk neighbours; if someone carries out an attack on them, could you be accidentally affected?

We analyse the people who come to your premises; your staff, visitors, contractors, customers and suppliers. We examine your physical assets, namely the building and its contents – your equipment, plans, files and any sensitive materials. We also check how secure the data is that you hold and keep about customers, suppliers and staff, both electronic and paper. We will take a good, long and thorough look at your processes, supply chains and critical procedures, as well as the operational processes designed to support them.

We will identify information-led vulnerabilities – for example information about you that is publicly available online or in public documents. In addition, we also analyse any services vital for keeping the business going and identify any particularly desirable items that might attract thieves.

Finally, we will examine the recruitment and checking processes you have in place for remote workers, part-time staff, freelancers, contractors and regular personnel and make sure everyone at your place of work is properly security conscious.

Why use Eagle View investigations to assess security risks?

We have a great deal of experience assessing security for businesses of every size, type and profile. Because we are independent outsiders, we see your organisation with fresh eyes – enabling your vulnerabilities to be easily spotted. We are also perfectly placed to recommend proven ways to strengthen and improve the security of your company in today’s complex digital environment, which is an ongoing challenge for an increasing number of organisations.

Arrange a risk assessment for security

Don’t leave your business security to chance for a moment longer. Together, we will make things as safe and secure as they possibly can be, in every imaginable circumstance or eventuality.