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Background Checks

Companies and Individuals
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Private Detectives like us are routinely required to provide background checks both for individuals and companies. Employers regularly carry out employee background checks before recruiting suitable applicants, as do landlords before accepting new tenants.

When a corporate body or business wants to buy from, partner with, take over or merge with another company, they background check businesses by commissioning the services of a private detective. It’s all part of the due diligence process.

Looking into the past of an employee as part of background checks by private security consultants in London, UK
Background checks form being completed by employee as part of job application supported by private security consultants in UK
Private security consultants conducting a background check for commercial clients as part of their security service in Birmingham, West Midlands, UK

Why you need help with background checking

Knowing exactly who you’re dealing with can make all the difference between a very bad or a very good decision. However, checking a person or organisation’s background is time consuming and demands a high level of expertise and familiarity that the average man on the street just does not have.

Background checks are carried out by 70% of employers. Eagle View deliver a detailed history of an individual’s back-story, their identity, education, employment history and credit history.

A full background check will confirm the information you have been given by an applicant is correct, helping you to safeguard against fraud, lost income and reputation damage.

Business background checks do much the same, by revealing a business’ back-story accurately and honestly, and thereby taking the guesswork out of good decision-making.

Why use us to do background checking for you?

To a business owner or credit manager background screening is essential under all sorts of different circumstances. We combine credit history, fraud indicators and many other vital business background reports to create a superior level of insight into people and organisations – a standard you would be unlikely to achieve on your own without a great deal of time and effort, if at all.

You can trust us to check employee backgrounds discreetly

We are highly experienced professionals, proficient in providing a complete package of evidence and legal expertise, the ideal Human Resource (HR) partner for good employee decision making and an essential support system when you need to know everything about a person, business or anything else. Contact us to explore the potential.