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Private Investigations for Farms and Farmers
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When you operate in the agriculture sector - either as an owner, tenant or manager - you probably own, lease or hire a great deal of expensive farm machinery, equipment and tools. With the economy deteriorating and rates of rural property crime across the country increasing, are you being forced to take extra precautions to protect your property?

Based on insurance claim data one National Farmers Union report reveals an estimated £44.5m worth of rural crime in 2017 alone, an increase of 13.4% on the previous year and the fastest rise since 2010.

These statistics suggest farms, farmers and villagers in rural regions are increasingly at risk of crime. While most towns and cities have CCTV cameras and many urban dwellers have their own private systems to protect their properties, criminals are moving their focus to less protected, more remote communities.

If you have recently been the target of thieves or you know someone who has, you might feel you need better protection. Maybe you have discovered discrepancies in your stock or animal feed and suspect fraud. You might even need support investigating and collecting evidence for a criminal case.

You might have had a minor chemical accident or a farm employee may have been injured while operating your machinery, which means you need to conduct an immediate accident investigation before the evidence is lost. Or your insurer might ask for a professional security and safety assessment before providing insurance cover. You might simply want to review your Health and Safety profile.  Eagle View Investigations can help with all of that.

How our agriculture investigation services help you do better business

It can be a challenge to wire CCTV on farms with large areas of land, but we will use our specialist covert surveillance equipment and professional investigative skills to monitor all the activity on your land and find out exactly what is going on. We can also use GPS vehicle tracking, manpower surveillance and remote monitoring techniques to solve complex cases like:

  • Vehicle sabotage, damage, or theft 
  • Stolen high value tools and equipment
  • Stolen, harmed or missing livestock 
  • Damaged property or outbuildings 
  • Vandalised property or outbuildings 
  • Vandalised crops
  • Fly-tipping
  • Land disputes 
  • Suspicious behaviour or constant trespassing

Hire a professional investigator and get answers fast

Because every farm and farming issue is unique, we tailor our investigations to your circumstances. Our specialist team of investigators help farms of all sizes solve their issues. Eagle View Investigations can determine the best locations for surveillance equipment to expose and record intruders, even when your farm runs to hundreds of acres. Then we deliver the right kind of evidence, in the right way, to support successful prosecutions. We always comply with the law, and we will keep your investigation absolutely confidential.

Top security solutions and successful prosecutions

Our skilled professional investigators will help set up the perfect security solution to keep your rural property or land secure. Our agricultural wireless surveillance tools and investigations help rural home and landowners resolve problems early, before they become disasters. 

Eagle View Detectives will help you get to the bottom of the issues that affect the day-to-day running of your business, giving you control. If you need help with farm security or any kind of security for the agricultural sector, get in touch to talk things through with an expert.