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Covert Camera Installations

For Every Purpose
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The most common reasons for covert surveillance are industrial intelligence, national intelligence, espionage and private investigation.

You might want to carry out a series of vital property infringement investigations. Your other half might be having an affair, you may suspect an elderly relative is being abused in a care home, perhaps an employee may be stealing stock from your business and then selling it on or someone might be repeatedly attempting to steal your motorbike from your garage.

Whatever your problem a covert camera is the perfect way to capture the deed clearly and incontrovertibly. Your recordings can be used as evidence either for an internal investigation, for the police, or for taking the matter to court. Whatever the purpose, we will install covert camera systems for you.

Why you need help with covert camera installation

What, exactly, do you want to monitor or keep an eye on? Your requirements will drive the type of system and software you need. There is a wide range of surveillance video recorders available. We will advise you about the best configuration for your circumstances, installing tiny, discreet USB video recorders which connect to contemporary wireless cameras that can simply be plugged into your personal computer, laptop or tablet.

Do you have the technical expertise to know exactly how to position the technology, set it up and capture the most useful evidence as clearly as possible? If it is a matter of collecting evidence for court, the police or disciplinary action, it’s crucial to collect the right information, in the right format, to the right level of quality and detail. That’s where we come in.

Close up of a covert recording camera installation as part of covert surveillance services
Hidden covert camera installation equipment as part of covert surveillance services in UK
Hidden covert camera installations as part of covert surveillance and monitoring services in UK

What does secret camera monitoring involve?

We work closely with you to design and install a secret camera system that meets your needs and budget perfectly. The resulting system will be completely out of sight, ensuring nobody except you knows it’s there. We will also train you – and your staff, if required – how to use the equipment and will call in to discreetly maintain it when necessary.

Because we always think carefully about the situation, location, distance, and area to be monitored, plus the quality of imagery needed, you can be absolutely confident and assured that we will capture all the information you require to establish the facts via motion detected and scheduled recording. We know exactly how to conceal both miniature and standard-sized cameras, sometimes inside everyday objects like air fresheners and smoke alarms.

Why use us to identify what's
going on?

There is an increasingly wide, constantly evolving selection of surveillance video recorders on the market, and you need considerable time and energy to understand the basics. Choosing us as your security partner, with all our knowledge and expertise, means you get the very best value, most appropriate equipment installed, a highly effective solution for your particular circumstance, purpose and environment.

Let's talk about covert cameras

If covert surveillance is the only way to get where you want to be, call us in and we will make sure the system we recommend and fit delivers the right kind of results to resolve your business or personal problem.