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Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures for Vehicles

Icon: Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures for Vehicles

The only reliable way to detect and locate a hidden GPS tracker in or under a vehicle is by using the right equipment and technology. A man with just a torch isn't good enough!

If someone has gone to the effort of bugging your business premises or home, there is a strong possibility they have also bugged your car or perhaps your lorry, tractor, pantechnicon, van or motorbike.

The fact is we feel safe and secure inside our vehicles, confident we won’t be overheard or disturbed, and we hold all sorts of interesting conversations inside them. Private and sensitive discussions with passengers or via our mobile phones should remain confidential. But if you are a business person or married and having an affair, your vehicle becomes a perfect place for someone to plant listening and eavesdropping devices and someone doesn’t even have to get inside your vehicle to fit a bug.


HGV LGV Lorry protected by Bug Sweeping and Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM)
A security agent in a control room monitoring for bugs and utilising Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM)
A satellite in space powering the networks behind bugs that can compromise security unless you're being protected with bug sweeping services

About bugs and vehicle trackers

You also need to consider whether your movements are being followed. Vehicle trackers are capable of revealing a tremendous amount of information, including a vehicle’s exact location, where it has been in the past and for how long. Advanced bugs can both track and listen and a Global System for Mobile communications device (GSM) communicates with satellites in space, unlimited by distance. Wherever the vehicle goes, it is listening and following.


Vehicle bugs can either be planted inside or under targeted vehicles. But they are usually placed underneath because the physical act of planting them is far easier and less likely to draw attention. Most modern cars are very hard to break into without setting off the alarm system. These tiny, discreet devices can be planted in just a matter of minutes and once in place they are remarkably inconspicuous. 

Finding and decommissioning these gadgets isn’t something you can do yourself. It is important to call in a qualified counter surveillance expert. 


How Eagle View Investigations bug sweeping experts will clean your vehicle

Our highly experienced bug sweep experts will painstakingly examine your entire vehicle, checking for concealed transmitters, hidden microphones, wireless video cameras, voice recorders and in-car phone taps. Eagle View will look for passive GPS devices that reveal all the places where the car has been and active GPS devices that reveal where the car is now, in real-time. We can point out or remove anything found to be suspicious as we sweep and process the vehicle. After the job has been completed will provide you with a full report based on the evidence we have gathered. 

Sweep your commercial and personal vehicles now

If you think there is any possibility that you are being spied on, it is important to get things sorted out fast to stop your secrets from being revealed. Don’t delay getting in touch to get the ball rolling.