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Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures for Telephone Networks

Icon: Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures for Telephone Networks

A telephone network is a complex structure of switches and wires, in other words groups of telephone lines. They can contain hundreds of components and thousands of connections. Because of the sheer length and scale of these networks, there is plenty of opportunity for outside agents to tap into the lines and hide surveillance devices inside.

You might be surprised how common and easy it is to compromise a telephone network. To ensure your business is protected, we recommend a regular TSCM sweep to check for tampering or interference.

Smaller devices and new battery technology deliver bigger threats than ever

Over the past few years, eavesdropping device technology has become increasingly sophisticated. Designers have also made significant improvements in battery technology, which means they now last much longer, are much smaller and more difficult to detect. 

These days, anyone can buy a simple GSM double plug socket transmitter and monitor your activities from anywhere in the world. These devices which are usually hard wired are almost impossible to find without the expertise of an experienced technician.

As bugging and eavesdropping devices evolve, becoming even smaller and more discreet, the greater the risk of your conversations being overheard. And in future, bugs will only become more sophisticated.

What are spies looking for?

Today’s global economy and highly competitive landscape mean information about a company’s products and plans can be worth a great deal of money. Every company has its own set of risk groups, people who want to know your business. 


In our experience, whether they are competitors, the media, activist groups, staff or disgruntled ex-employees, their spying activities have the potential to cause you all sorts of problems, costly as well as embarrassing and disruptive to your brand. It can even affect your personal life.

Why it is important to regularly inspect your telephone network

The least risky and easiest route for a third party to spy on you is to access your telephone system. Even an ordinary conference call system or desk telephone can be turned into a listening device and minor tampering is almost impossible to spot unless you understand telephone systems inside out.

Let's talk telephone system security

Telephone systems are often overlooked during routine security sweeps. You should have your system regularly inspected and checked by a qualified engineer with a broad knowledge of eavesdropping devices, so that you or your business remain safe. It costs nothing to talk. If you would like to discuss how our services can help you accomplish better business, get in touch.