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Covert Surveillance Monitoring

Getting to the Real Truth
Icon: Covert Surveillance Monitoring

Covert surveillance monitoring is often the most reliable way to acquire facts, whether they are facts about dates, times, places, people or incidents.

When combined with irrefutable video and photographic evidence, you can be confident you know exactly what’s been going on. You might hire us to:

  • Catch your partner cheating on you
  • Make sure a member of staff who is frequently off sick or claims to have a long-term illness is genuinely ill
  • Get proof of domestic violence for police and court proceedings
  • Help you handle a wrongful Child Support Agency claim
  • Confirming and recording acts of anti-social behaviour beyond all doubt
  • Uncovering fraudulent insurance claims

In every case where images are required for evidence, whether its video or stills surveillance monitoring captures definitive proof.

Why you need help with covert surveillance

Being a covert surveillance investigator is a skilled specialist job. Do you know how to remain unseen? Are you aware how to stay out of danger? Do you have the right equipment? If so, do you know exactly how to use it? Most importantly of all, do you have what it takes to stay calm, keep cool and get the job done without giving yourself away? Not many people do.  

If you are planning to take your case through the courts and want it to stand a realistic chance of success, you’ll need exactly the right kind and level of evidence, expressed and presented in the correct format and language, something a solicitor or barrister can easily work with. If the case is personal, too much emotional involvement could put evidence gathered at risk and cause you additional anger, upset or ill health.

Even worse, insufficient conclusive evidence or too much unsubstantial evidence can easily result in the defendant walking free. When you engage us as professional investigative partner, we protect your peace of mind as well as delivering the evidence you need quickly, accurately, efficiently and properly.

Hidden camera lens as part of covert surveillance monitoring in the UK
Covert surveillance monitoring underway by private security investigation experts in West Midlands, UK
Investigator or detective hidden in a bush as part of covert surveillance monitoring by private security agents in the UK

What does secret surveillance involve?

Eagle View use state-of-the-art surveillance equipment including covert GPS Trackers, CCTV, audio and video. Whether the person being followed is on foot, travelling by car or using public transport, we will stick with them like glue until we have collected enough high-quality evidence to prove your case.

All the information we obtain during an investigation can be used in a court of law. Our people are properly trained, professionally qualified and of ‘good character’, which makes them suitable and competent to represent you as credible witnesses.

Why use us to establish the real facts?

When you hire us for covert surveillance, you are commissioning a team with decades of experience in executing successful surveillance procedures, often in very dangerous environments. Whether it is physical surveillance or technical surveillance, this is what we do for a living and we’re very good at it!

Talk to us about how we can help you

The Eagle View Investigation team are always happy to discuss your situation with you, advise you on your options or help you make a decision. If you would like to explore whether our expert services will help you get where you want to be, give us a call or email us for a discreet discussion.