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Private Investigations for Builders
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The insurer Allianz Cornhill says the cost of theft in the UK's construction sector runs to around £800m per year, plus an extra £70m more for stolen construction equipment like excavators, compressors and cranes.

Visit Building & Facilities Management website to read the article regarding UK construction site theft.

When you run a building site or builders yard with constant comings and goings, it is not surprising things sometimes go astray.  Keeping track of all your tools, machines, equipment and materials can be very difficult in a world where construction companies are being systematically targeted by small-time criminals, often because of poor security. Some in your sector even suffer ingrained employee pilfering from under their noses, with fellow employees turning a blind eye.

Protecting your future

Eagle View Investigations have helped many building owners, developers, contractors and construction managers deal with on-site fraud. Our construction industry investigations cover things like background checks on employees and suppliers, to site security and surveillance, contract disputes and health & safety-related accidents. 

Whatever your site, yard or security problem, you and your insurer will want to discover the cause and reveal the perpetrators.

We provide a vast range of private investigation services to businesses like yours, including:

  • On-site accident investigations
  • Undercover investigations to reveal wrongdoing by employees, contractors or suppliers 
  • Employee and contractor background checks
  • Locating employees or witnesses
  • Surveillance misconduct investigations
  • On-site theft 
  • Compensation claims 
  • Asset trace and recovery
  • Vehicle and equipment tracking

Why it pays to investigate

You could try to carry out your own investigation, but it is unlikely you will succeed without private investigation knowledge, experience and the necessary hi-tech specialist equipment. Also, you will almost certainly struggle to avoid being found out. Our highly skilled team will thoroughly investigate your case, working quickly and efficiently until we root out who is responsible. Once we have established the facts, you will be able to take control of the situation, stop the problem getting any worse, stop leaking money, and prevent any more damage to your reputation.

Talk to Eagle View Investigations about construction asset
management support.

We are here to help you with every aspect of your industry’s security and investigation problems. Using a broad range of services designed to get your company back on track, we will ensure your business remains profitable and efficient by monitoring and protecting essential resources and people. If that sounds good, let’s talk.