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Theft Investigations

Identifying the Truth
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According to the National Fraud Agency, theft and business fraud costs the economy £73 billion a year. Recorded incidents of internal fraud rose by 18% between 2014 and 2015 alone, and even the most loyal employees can end up stealing when the financial pressure rockets.

Our private detectives are perfectly placed to handle theft investigations, vital for maintaining successful commerce when corporate and business theft in Britain is increasing expeditiously – as revealed and affirmed by the Government’s own report into crime against businesses. You can read it here.

Unsurprisingly, business theft is also widespread internationally: A 2016 report by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (CFE) agrees, stating that a typical US business loses about 5% of its annual income to fraud.

Why you need help with theft identification

We provide the ideal solution when you don’t have the time to spare, are too emotionally invested to carry out an investigation calmly and logically, are not 100% certain something’s disappearing, or you just don’t know where to start.

If you suspect your business is being targeted by a thief or thieves, we will expose them and provide you with all the supporting evidence you need; the kind of detailed, reliable evidence that will stand up in a Court of law.

Theft investigation underway looking into credit cards and financial data to solve a private burglary investigation with security consultants in UK
Independent and private theft investigations underway following a burglary theft in the UK
Private investigator working at his laptop to solve a theft burglary investigation in the UK

What does identifying internal theft involve?

  • Investigating why there is less or more money floating around than there should be
  • Finding out why a particular employee makes the same ‘errors’ time and time again
  • Scrutinising how many ‘no sale’ or altered transactions are made
  • Searching for trends or patterns in cash loss
  • Examining unexplained inventory shortages
  • Assessing why sales reports don’t match shipping and delivery documentation
  • Pinning down incomplete or false information about customers
  • Looking into inventory write-offs that are neither explained nor justified
  • Investigating where missing receipts and invoices have got to
  • Probing into unexplained or suspicious employee behaviour
  • Studying accounts and cash flow

Why use us to investigate theft?

Internal theft, whether it’s a big Blue Chip or a small business, can have devastating consequences on so many levels. You need an investigative partner who knows how to be subtle, careful, discreet and thorough, who is quietly determined to get the right evidence for Court, who doesn’t have any personal or other conflicts of interest that might compromise the investigation and who knows exactly where to look for evidence.

Your trusted theft detection partners

If you need a reliable, professional organisation to help you investigate business theft, you can rely on Eagle View Investigations. Call for a discreet conversation.