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Corporate Investigations

Identifying What is Going Wrong
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Corporate investigations involve the detailed analysis of a business or organisation to expose suspected wrongdoing by the board, management, employees or third parties.

Why you need help with corporate investigation

Investigating corporate organisations goes beyond the scope of due diligence. At-work theft and other criminal activities are probably more common than you think, with plenty of businesses being scammed by their own employees. This might involve someone, or a group of people being constantly off sick and claiming sick pay when you suspect there is actually nothing wrong with them. They might even be moonlighting elsewhere whilst claiming sick pay from your business. Sadly, it happens.

Employees might be stealing stock or embezzling goods from you, sabotaging your business in some way, misusing your assets, harassing or assaulting their colleagues, or carrying out acts of vandalism.

Covert surveillance ensures that an Eagle View Detective can collect the hard evidence you need to either support disciplinary procedures and manage the issue internally or go to the police and pursue the case through the courts. Having just one bad apple in your company can not only decimate your reputation but can also quickly spread discontent amongst the rest of your staff, cause financial damage, and potentially put your business in a very difficult situation.

Is your company safe from all these?

  • Money Laundering
  • Regulatory Violations
  • Data Theft and Data Breaches
  • Financial Misconduct
  • Vendor Fraud
  • Accounting Irregularities
  • Harassment and Bullying
  • Infringement of Intellectual Property Rights
  • Embezzlement
  • Discrimination
  • Corruption
  • Libel
  • Defamation
  • Misappropriation 
  • Lost or Missing Inventory
  • Competitor Infiltration
Team being investigated as part of a corporate investigation by private investigators in West Midlands, UK
Skyscraper skyline at night as part of a corporate investigations firm who specialise in private investigators and detection for corporate entities
Security consultant and private investigator working on a laptop as part of a corporate investigations

What does business investigation involve?

Investigating an organisation usually involves covert undercover work, capturing clear photographic and video evidence as well as preserving existing evidence. This can include:

  • Background Research
  • Examining Communications, including Emails and Recorded Conversations
  • Financial Research
  • Careful Examination of your Accounts
  • Interviews with Relevant People

Why use Eagle View to investigate
a business?

You could attempt to keep an eye on things yourself, trying to figure out what is going on. But an emotionally detached, calm third party, who will not inadvertently let anything slip, will have the upper-hand. We have the cool-headedness necessary to guarantee the best outcome possible for you.

Because we know exactly how to present information for the police and legal profession, we alleviate most of your stress and allow you to get on with business. By submitting the evidence we collect in an admissible, relevant, appropriately detailed and factually expressed way, according to a court’s specific requirements, we fulfil all the right responsibilities.

Let's get your company
investigation started

If you suspect something is going wrong, it is important to act quickly before things get any worse. Call us for a discussion about how Eagle View Investigations can help you pinpoint the problem and support you to reach a fast, smooth resolution.