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Insurance Fraud

Help Dealing with Fraudsters
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Sadly, a lot of people seem to think it is perfectly acceptable to make false insurance claims or inflate the value of the loss or damage, which is why insurance fraud is often seen as a victimless crime. But we are all victims. Everyone who has an insurance policy, whatever kind of policy, suffers.

Insurance companies can be insurance fraudsters, too. They might knowingly deny a valid claim, reduce the pay-out value, ‘lose’ the paperwork or extend the time they take to evaluate the claim so much that the claimant gives up. It happens.

We carry out discreet, detailed insurance investigations on behalf of solicitors, banks, insurance companies and insured businesses, as well as individuals whose insurers have treated them badly.


Why you need help with insurance fraud

The insurance sector is hugely complicated. It is full of powerful blue-chip organisations employing crack teams of highly paid legal experts. If you want to take on an insurer you have to be extremely confident in the facts of your case. You have to be capable of navigating the different departments involved, be able to identify the right people to talk to, and manage to get through to them. Once you have completed your own investigation, you will have to be confident and calm enough to present the evidence with enough expertise so that the insurance company can’t dismiss you.

Insurance fraud investigations are also an important part of every insurance company’s risk management strategy. As an insurer in pursuit of a fraudster, it is vital to gather all the right evidence, in the right way, and from the right people. This involves considerable expertise as well as a lot of time, energy and effort. It makes sense to take on a private detective team like us to make sure everything is done properly and by the book, giving you the best chance of success.

What does investigating insurance fraud involve?

Insurance fraud detection is a complicated affair involving all sorts of different investigations:

  • Data and Statistical Analysis
  • Surveillance and Fieldwork
  • Background Research including Financial Status and Credit Scores
  • Social Media
  • Interviews
  • Collecting Physical Evidence

Why use us to identify and investigate fraud in insurance?

You deserve the best support from respected professionals and that is what we provide. Whether you are an insurer with a case to fight, a business or a member of the public with an insurance claim, Eagle View can help resolve the matter quickly and positively.

Do you need a professional insurance fraud partner?

We are always happy to talk through what we can do for you or, if we can help you long-term, discuss us partnering with you. Feel free to call or email us with any questions.