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Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures for Boats and Planes

Icon: Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures for Boats and Planes

If you are planning to buy, hire, or lease a yacht, super-yacht, private boat, plane or chauffeur-driven car, or already own one, can you be certain it isn't fitted with surveillance devices? Maybe the person or organisation who had the craft before you were being targeted for commercial espionage or even personal spying. Can you risk confidential or personal conversations being overheard?

Maybe you run a successful multi-national or Blue Chip company. If so, it is likely some of your business discussions will take place on board. You are vulnerable when travelling, so it makes sense to ensure these relaxed informal conversations don’t result in a total breakdown of security.

Over the last decade we have witnessed the transformation of bugging equipment. Today’s devices are far more affordable as well as easy to buy. Thanks to developments in their design and the technology used they are no longer bulky with a limited battery life. These days listening devices are unbelievably small, with minute microphones and long-lasting batteries. They can capture almost every word of a conversation.

Covert cameras are also incredibly compact, long-lasting and highly effective and they can record virtually everything you do. Most high-spec instruments have impressive levels of clarity and accuracy too, and many top-of-the-range bugs are capable of transmitting audio and visual feeds at the same time.

Super yacht security consultants EV Investigations protecting from bugs with bug sweeping and technical surveillance counter measures (TSCM)
Luxury Yacht protected by Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM)
Billionaire high net worth businessperson protected from bugs with bug sweeping and technical surveillance counter measures (TSCM) for helicopters and planes

Why would somebody spy on you?

Someone might want to steal business secrets or product innovations, spy on you personally with a view to blackmail, get hold of sensitive financial forecasts or even steal data from your system. Your competitors might want to discover your commercial weaknesses or place a mole in your company. Criminals might want to track your movements and carry out an armed robbery, aggravated burglary or even kidnap.


These people are highly skilled and experienced at blending into their surroundings. They will often hide in plain sight, for example as a member of the crew, maintenance team or cleaning staff and fit bugs with ease.


Why Partner with us?

Do you think there is another pair of eyes or ears listening in on your private conversations? There is only one way to have complete peace of mind and that means employing a professionally trained Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures debugging engineer to carry out a methodical sweep to remove any devices.

How Eagle View will inspect your boat or plane

Our experienced team will carry out a thorough electronic and visual inspection of your private boat or plane, identifying and either removing the threats or revealing them so you can take action of your own to uncover the culprit. If you are really concerned, Eagle View Investigations can perform a security sweep before and after every trip you make. Give us a call to talk through the options.