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Absenteeism and Industrial Injury

When In-Depth Investigation is a Must
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An estimated 137.3 million working days were lost in 2016 due to illness and injury, 4.3 days for every British worker. Chronic absenteeism can have a very heavy impact on your finances, especially if it spreads like a disease and you end up with multiple employees regularly taking time off for no good reason. The same goes for industrial injury, enormously expensive as well as potentially leaving your business' reputation in tatters.

If you find yourself in a position where your business is threatened by either absenteeism or industrial injury Eagle View Investigations can help sort things out to everyone’s satisfaction.

Why you need help with absenteeism and industrial injury

We understand how important it is for employees and managers to work together to avoid work-related illness, injury and disability. If something unexpected happens it is just as important to figure out exactly how and why things went wrong so you can make sure they don’t happen again.

In a world where industrial injuries and the resulting aftermath can lead to huge compensation pay-outs, it is really important for everyone’s sake to get to the truth as quickly, thoroughly and calmly as possible.

Absenteeism can be a very sensitive subject. If it is a problem with your workforce, you need to thoroughly investigate it internally, in the right way without causing a workforce revolution. Then you have to collate the information so it is exactly what your Human Resources team and the relevant official bodies need. Can you do that on your own? Probably not.  

What does problem absenteeism investigation involve?

Before you call us in you will need to tick a number of official procedural boxes, work through your company’s unacceptable absenteeism action plan if you have one, and hold meetings with supervisors, managers, HR and potentially Occupational Health. It can be daunting and overwhelming if you have not faced it before. But don’t worry, Eagle View investigations can help you with that too.

Once all the company and legal procedures are completed by you, we use a suite of lawful evidence gathering techniques to establish the facts, including: Covert Investigations, Discreet Surveillance, Studying Absence Records, and Interviews with Relevant People.

What about industrial injury investigation?

Every workplace injury must be properly investigated. This means asking a great many questions, including:

  • Where and when did the accident happen?
  • What was damaged and who was involved?
  • How did it happen, and what was the person doing at the time?
  • Were there indications of drug, alcohol abuse or unreported health issues?
  • What did any witnesses see and hear?
  • Was there anything unusual about the working conditions at the time it happened?
  • Were safe working systems in place and were they being followed?
  • Was the activity being supervised or managed in the right way?
  • What were the causes of the accident, both immediate and underlying?
  • What exactly caused the injury?
  • Does the company’s risk assessment document mention the risk? Did anyone know about the risk before the accident happened? If so, why did it still happen?
  • Were the people involved in the accident suitable and competent?
  • Did the layout of the workspace or the equipment itself lead to the accident?
  • Was everyone properly trained and qualified?
  • Was there any safety equipment provided or in place? If so, was it used properly?

Why use Eagle View Investigations to look into absent employees and industrial injuries?

As a result of our team dealing with the matter properly, presenting the right level and type of evidence and preventing further workforce abuse of the system, our employee absenteeism and injury investigations have helped businesses avoid thousands of pounds in sick pay claims. With our help, a great many organisations have weathered the storm of industrial accidents with confidence and ease and, as a result of our recommendations, have made their workplaces safer for their employees.

Working together to make
business better

Our team at Eagle View can design and build a bespoke investigation plan based on your company’s unique circumstances. Then we will work discreetly to discover and expose all the relevant facts so you can deal with the matter in the way you want, whether it is internally, via a union, through a compensation board or court.

If you need professional support with industrial accidents and unacceptable absenteeism, we will be pleased to offer our expertise, supporting you until you resolve your situation to a satisfactory conclusion.