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Security Consultants

Delivering the Best Corporate Security Advice
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As highly experienced security consultants we know only too well the dreadful damage that security breaches can do to a business, its finances and its reputation. Because poor security can be a corporate killer it makes a great deal of sense to do everything in your power to keep your organisation's data and information as safe as it possibly can be.

That’s exactly what we do. Our clients enjoy a safe, secure business environment that’s as future-proof as we can make it. 

Independent security consultancy services in London, UK
Personal protection as part of security consultancy services in UK
Security consultants working on CCTV strategy for corporate property

Why you need a security consultant

Most organisations depend on IT. In fact, without Information Technology it is often impossible to conduct business in a meaningful way. At the same time data security is fundamental and you need to put proven controls in place to minimise the risks.

Risk mitigation involves everyone who works for your business plus its stakeholders, namely customers, suppliers and partners. All of them need to have a good level of confidence that the communications systems they use and the information they share with you is properly protected.

You also need to know how to reduce the security risks you face. The solutions must be rugged, fit-for-purpose and perfectly implemented, as well as sustainable in the long term.


Do you have all the necessary experience and expertise? It is usually easier for an outsider to spot the things you might have missed, point out any gaps and leaks and recommend things you should do to mitigate risk – that’s where we step in.

We offer a host of relevant services including investigating and fact-finding exercises/operations, leading to the planning and design of security strategies together with support for its implementation. However large or small your security project we can create a tailored, fully integrated, end-to-end solution that takes account of the emerging threats you might face.


Why use us to consult on security?

It’s our job to support you all the way to building and implementing appropriate, cost-effective controls to protect your information and data against threats. Eagle View Investigations can also provide you with evidence that your controls are working as they should, through the implementation of the technical, physical and procedural controls we recommend.

Our approach to information security is based on your business’ individual requirements. We will give you the assurance that you need in your risk mitigation activities and provide evidence that you comply with all the right legal and regulatory requirements. As a result, you will experience more confidence and trust from your business partners, suppliers and customers, plus you’ll have a solid, practical security maintenance programme to work to, review and update.

Make an appointment with Eagle View for professional security advice

If you require cost effective, appropriate, scalable security controls, we will ensure your systems work the way they should, when they should. If you would like to review how good your existing security is, or take an entirely fresh look at it, we are here to help. Give us a call.