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Keeping a Close Eye on People and Property
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Closed-circuit television (CCTV) signals are not publicly distributed. They are monitored in a closed system, usually for surveillance, personal investigations or security. CCTV can literally keep an eye on people, premises and stock.

You might be a local corner-shop owner trying to multi-task between stocking shelves, watching for shoplifting and serving customers. Or even a company confirming key card access with an added visual ID record of personnel and visitors accessing their premises. Or someone who simply wants to have cameras recording when no-one is about. The truth is, useful footage demands cameras are placed strategically to capture the widest views, and you also need someone to regularly monitor the footage.

Why you need CCTV

CCTV cameras are mainly used to protect public areas, homes, community spaces and business premises. The images taken are admissible in a court of law and can be used as case evidence. If your reason for installing the equipment is to record criminal activity or to confront a person about their actions, your cameras must be set up correctly.

It takes expertise and experience to make sure there are enough cameras to cover an area without gaps and blind spots.

Engineers need excellent product knowledge to be certain of getting the close-up definition and clarity needed to make distinguishing features like scars, tattoos, traits and behaviour clearly visible. And they have to be fitted in a place they can’t easily be taken down or be damaged.

Getting the positioning wrong means you might fail to get any decent footage at all. In a worst case scenario you might end up without the irrefutable evidence you need, a case that is easy for a defence team to demolish.

Commercial CCTV Installation consultants protecting businesses across West Midlands, UK
CCTV installations in Birmingham, UK
CCTV Installation consultants in Birmingham, West Midlands, UK

About modern CCTV systems

Original CCTV systems were black and white, and non-interactive. These days they are far more sophisticated, in full colour with high-resolution displays that deliver crystal clear images. The software is just as advanced. You can zoom in and out to track a specific object, item or person, and listen in on conversations taking place within range of the sensor microphone. Today’s higher-spec, higher-priced systems can record what people are saying and even let the operator talk to people within range.

What does a CCTV system involve?

The move from traditional analogue surveillance technology to digital surveillance has given our security professionals access to a much wider range of systems and equipment than ever before, all designed to keep premises, staff and stock secure. IP cameras now create digital video data that can be carried via Wi-Fi or through network cabling – all of which requires specialist expertise to correctly install.

The enormous processing power provided by today’s computer analytics platforms means that the latest CCTV software can perform real-time event detection and post-event analysis. Our security experts can help you put in place a system that can count people, map heat signatures, recognise faces, track suspects or detect patterns/trends – all without constant human monitoring.

Many of our clients install our equipment, using free CCTV recording software like Milestone or ACTi at first. It is a great way to familiarise yourself with the basic functions. You can always add useful extras like multi-feed monitoring or remote monitoring via a smartphone.

Every CCTV system has its own unique advantages and disadvantages, and its own suite of features. Our experts will help you evaluate a selection of the latest technology, help you eliminate the least suitable ones and pin down the one that best meets your needs.

Why Partner with us?

We know everything there is to know about traditional and contemporary CCTV systems, from the simplest to the most complex and multi-functional. We set them up, maintain them and can even check the footage and analyse the data for you.

Let's see how CCTV can help you do business better

If you are considering or want to fit a CCTV system at your premises, we will help you make the best choice for your circumstances, set it up correctly and ensure it will have the ability to gather the information you want to collect. So, let’s talk.