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Due Diligence

Ticking all the Right Boxes
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As a Private Investigator, due diligence – or as some people spell it 'due delligence ' - is something we handle frequently. The phrase means "the detailed examination of a company and its financial records, done before becoming involved in a business arrangement with it" (Source: Cambridge Dictionary).

In other words our team carries out an audit or evaluation of a business or person, or their performance for you in relation to a given standard.

This extremely important exercise is vital because people are not always who or what they say they are, nor are their businesses. That’s why the ‘due diligence’ process is usually undertaken by organisations before buying a business, entering into a partnership, agreeing a big contract or employing new people.


Why you need help with due diligence checks

If, for example, you have found a new supplier and want to shift all your orders over to them, you need to be certain that they have been honest and clear about their capabilities, their financial health and the quality of their products. If you choose to proceed without an evaluation, you could be left in the lurch because they have gone bust or over-stretched themselves and are not capable of delivering what you need, when you need it.

Imagine you intend to take on a new sales person, someone who, on the face of it, has an exceptional employment record. But an in depth, careful check reveals their CV is full of lies or half-truths… in fact, they have never had a sales role but were hoping to learn the ropes once they had secured the job.

This happens and sometimes it can have very serious consequences, for instance if the employee has a criminal record. Because recruitment is an expensive business, putting things right can cause you considerable time and inconvenience, leaving a sizeable hole in your finances.

Our popular due diligence checking service means you have all the insight and information needed to make good business and recruitment decisions at every stage, with no nasty surprises.


City skyline whereby due diligence checks are being completed on behalf of corporate clients by private security consultants in London, UK
Private security team carrying out due diligence checks on behalf of clients in UK

What does due diligence involve?

A due diligence check is an important risk management tool and essential if you want peace of mind. The investigations we carry out empower buyers in ‘caveat emptor’, Latin for ‘let the buyer beware’, which means that the person or organisation buying the goods is responsible for checking the seller’s work properly, making sure it is fit for purpose.

The process can include scrutinising documents and records relating to the business, such as accounts and annual reports, assets, business operations, competitor and market comparisons, plus the analysis of intellectual property rights. If you are carrying out checks on a person before offering them a job, we would search through and verify immigration status, criminal records, employment records and more.

The scope of an Eagle View investigation depends on the transaction type, the risks involved and your specific needs. Our results will provide a definitive picture of the financial, commercial, operational and legal health of the business, or the suitability of the individual.

Why use us to pin down the truth?

Firstly, the process can be complex and time-consuming. It also involves specialist knowledge of all the places, databases and other records that need to be checked for evidence. It requires a high level of financial nous, intellect and insight; from mergers and acquisitions resources at every level to industry-specific insight into niche areas. Do you have the time and expertise to handle all that and can you be certain you will discover everything our professional team will?

Your trusted due diligence partners

If you need to look into the background of an important new recruit or check a company’s health before making a merger, takeover or acquisition bid, we at Eagle View Investigations will be delighted to act as your trusted long-term due diligence partners. Let’s discuss the potential.