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Surveillance Services

Discreet, Professional and Effective
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Surveillance can be carried out either overtly or covertly. Overt surveillance uses devices that are visible and obvious, for example CCTV cameras observing a production line, whereas covert surveillance is all about watching people or things without anyone knowing about it.

Why you need help with surveillance services

Whether it is overt or covert surveillance, the unique set of specialist skills and techniques at our fingertips cannot be learned overnight. You might try to be an amateur detective or investigator, or even hire a friend of a friend who enjoys people-watching. But there are risks and even sometimes danger involved. 

Can you get the results you want on your own? Can you take the risk of putting yourself in danger? Can you remain calm in the face of problems? If the answer to any of these questions is no, it is best to get a professional in, someone who will do a proper job. 

Hidden covert camera detection as part of a private surveillance services in the UK
Private investigator taking photographic evidence as part of a private surveillance service
Surveillance services being carried out with listening devices as part of a private surveillance and detective service

What does covert and overt surveillance involve?

Surveillance means monitoring behaviour, activities and information to influence, manage, direct or protect people and keep property safe.

Where you place overt surveillance equipment depends on the reason it is being installed. If you want to monitor people coming and going, day and night, as a deterrent, the kit should be fitted in plain sight. If overt surveillance is used inside business premises the surveillance equipment needs to cover the key areas where potential problems could take place.

Covert surveillance on the other hand, involves performing the work extremely discreetly – essentially melting into the background or convincingly playing the part of a regular employee. Every element of the service has to be carefully planned and performed to the highest standard. This means everything from fitting the most relevant surveillance technology and knowing how to analyse the results to fulfilling contracts and providing full details of investigations in industry-specific format to meet police and court standards.

Surveillance can involve any of the following:

  • Satellite and GPS Technology
  • Monitoring Post, Email, Landlines, Smartphones, Tablets and Social Networks
  • Keeping an Eye on People’s Online Behaviour
  • CCTV and Other Types of Camera, Both in Plain Sight and Hidden
  • Video and Sound Recordings
  • Radio Frequency ID and Other Geo-Location Technologies
  • Stakeouts 
  • Data Mining and Data Profiling
  • Biometric Data
  • Bugs, Wires and Taps
  • Examining Financial Data and Business Intelligence
  • Computer and Network Surveillance

Why use Eagle View Investigations?

We conduct our investigations with determination, integrity and professionalism. All our experts comply with the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000, as well as every relevant legal requirement that controls our sector. We are skilled at recommending, fitting and using specialist equipment including GPS tracking systems, CCTV systems, and covert body cameras.

The evidence we generate during an overt or covert surveillance investigation can include photos, video and sound recordings, paperwork, hard evidence, records, reports and logs all of which can all be used in a court of law.


Observing your world

If you need the support of genuine professionals to gather the right evidence, in the right way, possibly to take to your solicitor, the police, the courts, a union or internal tribunal, Eagle View will be delighted to help. Feel free to contact us with your questions.