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Electronic Bug Detection

Who is Spying on You?
Icon: Electronic Bug Detection

It might sound like something out of a James Bond movie. But industrial espionage does happen and more often than you might think.

In general, it is down to today’s incredibly competitive commercial landscape, where business success is so valued and coveted that some people will do almost anything to grab a competitive advantage.

Why you need help with electronic bug detection

When someone bugs your office, factory, design studio or any other commercial premises, it is obvious they have an agenda in mind. They are willing to go to extreme lengths to achieve it. A competitor could be after your trade secrets, for example the precise ingredients and quantities you use to make your best-selling chutney a world-beater, or detailed images of the exact components you use to build your award-winning electronic device.

Perhaps someone out to cause mischief or a disgruntled employee is after voice recordings of confidential meetings. Maybe someone wants to acquire video evidence of your sales plans or product launch in order to set their own date and beat you to it. Given that bugs can record audio, data, still and moving images, all it would take is just one sophisticated strategically placed bugging device on your premises to enable someone to eavesdrop on your commercial secrets. 

Have you got any bugs secretly recording you right now? Would you know if you did have? It is not easy to detect electronic bugs unless you have a long list of specialist equipment, plus the skill to use it. You also need to know exactly where to look and precisely what to look for.

If you decide to search the buildings yourself you risk alerting the criminals before you can establish who concealed the bugs and who for. If you decide not to check, you might be leaving bugs in place that could ruin your business and potentially destroy your brand.

If you want to safeguard your company’s business decisions, intellectual property, secrets and creative work, regular bug detection could be one of the wisest business decisions you ever make.

PC keyboard with finger by a security consultant carrying out electronic bug detection
Security agent in a control room managing Electronic Bug Detection services
A closeup of a computer chip bug that can be identified with electronic bug detection services

What does bug sweeping involve?

Today’s electronic bugs are exceptionally difficult to detect and locate. The most advanced bugs feature burst transmission, which spreads the transmission waves across a spectrum of frequencies to make their detection even harder. Consequently, to sweep for a wide range of concealed bugs, the typical kit used by an engineer needs to include:

  • Super-sensitive thermal cameras to pick up residual heat from bugs and their power supplies
  • Resonance sweepers to identify ‘dead’ bugs
  • Broadband receivers, frequency scanners and lens detectors
  • A non-linear junction detector
  • Videoscopes to penetrate small or tricky spaces
  • A portable x-ray machine
  • A multimeter to measure power and an oscilloscope to visualise signals
  • A spectrum analyser and vector signal analyser to explore suspect RF signals
  • Thermal imaging equipment
  • A time-domain reflectometer to make sure communication cables haven’t been tampered with.
  • Extremely powerful torches to carry out deep and thorough physical searches, plus a wide range of tools to dismantle suspicious objects – because we never underestimate the amazing power of human observation!

Why use us for electronic
bugs detection?

It is vital that electronic bug detection is conducted covertly. Could you painstakingly search your offices thoroughly enough to pinpoint camouflaged bugs, yet avoid being detected? Do you have the necessary equipment and know how to use it? Or could you hire it?

If not, you are not alone. Very few people have the expertise and experience required to locate, eradicate and free a business from surveillance bugs. If you need reliable and successful workmanship, our expertly trained team can be on hand straight away and work quickly and tidily to find what is there to be found, in order to make sure there isn’t a single electronic bug left in the building dead or alive.

Exploring the options

Would you like to discuss your options? Eagle View Investigations are always happy to help and advise you about corporate security in general and electronic bug sweeping in particular.