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Personnel Checks

Protecting your Business
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As respected private investigation experts, we provide a comprehensive personnel checks service to UK organisations of every shape, size and type.

We can also save you time in carrying out the relevant checks and help you to keep up to date with changing compliance regulations by carrying out the right criminal record searches. Here’s what you need to know.

Why you should carry out checks on personnel

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone was actually who they said they were, if people always disclosed important information about themselves that might affect their employers. Sadly, they don’t!

Increasingly employers need to take steps to protect their business interests against potential fraudsters, people who are not legally allowed to work in Britain, those who want to hide health issues, competitor or criminal gang infiltrators and those with criminal records. It matters because your brand’s reputation is at stake, as well as your financial security and the quality of the customer experience you provide.

When checking personnel makes sense

We perform basic disclosure checks on your employees so you can enjoy positive employer-employee relationships and increased mutual trust. You know for sure you’ve employed the right people for the role, and that they’re capable of doing a great job, providing the high levels of support and service your customers deserve and expect.

All this helps improve the way your brand is perceived, as a company dedicated to providing top class products and services, a business that’s caring and detail-oriented. Carrying out these basic checks means you send out a positive message to everyone who works for you. Lastly, if there’s any violence, theft or other trouble in the workplace, these checks stand you in good legal stead because you’ve carried out your due diligence, and done everything you can to reduce the risks.

Why use us for personnel checking?

Our personnel verification services directly access data from the nation’s most comprehensive, up-to-date databases. We abide by the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), the latest data protection rules in force from the European Union (EU). Last but not least, we are fast, efficient and experienced.

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